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The Winslow Bible-based Profile measures the same twenty-four behavioral characteristics as the Dynamics Profile used in business, professional sports, governments and non-profits everywhere.  Each of these traits reflects a part of the human “soul” and is therefore relevant to understanding how you are likely to behave in all aspects of your home, career, church and community life.  In your Believer’s Report, we compare your score and results in each of these traits to the Word of God so you and the one who disciples you can know which areas are in need of transformation and which are in good shape.

Personality Characteristics Assessed
Interpersonal Organizational Dedication Self-control
• Sociability • Alertness • Ambition • Self-confidence
• Recognition • Structure • Endurance • Composure
• Conscientious • Order • Assertiveness • Tough-mindedness
• Exhibition • Flexibility • Boldness • Autonomy
• Trust • Creativity • Coachability • Contentment
• Nurturance • Responsibility • Leadership • Control
Participants:  individuals, 17 or older.
Assessment Time:  less than one hour, to complete 260 assessment questions.
Sending Options:  complete the assessment on a user-friendly internet system.